This is the first page on my new blog on WordPress. Firstly I created this blog to track my steps to achieve my goals such as get money online, romance, about successful story to create something like cuisine, healthy juice, and many more.

I’d got serial audio motivations from my friend to change your life as you want because we have a power to change our fate.

Take action and just do what you must to do to achieve your goal and consistent it.

I know I have many weaknesses (ex: my english grammar :D), but many people I believe, focus to their weaknesses. Why don’t we just focus to our strengths?

It’s better to addicted with positive thinking than negative thinking, isn’t it?

To shorten this page, At first, I will focus to make money from internet. I’ve a goal to get 100$ / month. If I separate it, I only have to generate 3.5$ / day.  I’d read many tutorials from blogs, ebooks, forums, watch video trainings, subscribe to payment monthly classes to but I think I must take action what I had learnt.

I end up here for this page. It’s time to take an action.


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