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Let’s continue the journey…..

For the 2nd step, I will talk about link building. But I think link building has a goal to rank the website and finally you will get “free” traffic.

I have read so many articles, ebooks, and video course about link building. As we know, there are many types of link building such as article directory submission, social bookmarking submissions, blog commenting on high PR page, blog private network, web 2.0, wiki submission, edu or gov commenting, social signal, and press release submissions.

But I must tell you something. Although I’ve known about the basic link building and advanced link building (ex: link pyramid. By the way if you want to learn advanced link building you can check this video tutorial to create 3-4 tier backlinks, or check the tutorial from Quick Sprout, and SEO Pressor’s blog), I can’t still follow those instructions.


Here are some answers from my mind about these tutorials:

1. Expensive.

2. It takes extra time to do it such as prepare the articles, search the guest blog, etc

3. Lazy

Let me describe the reasons for each answer.

1. Expensive

You should watch the video tutorial about tiered backlink and after you watch it, you must invest the SEO software to help you create these backlinks. The price isn’t cheap. Sometimes the rule of these softwares are recurring payment.

Am I afraid to invest these softwares?

Yes, I am.


For now, because I want make money online, not spend my money to get these software. Actually I don’t really have time to learn it and use it. :p

2. It takes extra time to do it such as prepare the articles, search the guest blog, etc

You can see at Quick Sprout’s tutorial. He gave us the complete advanced link building but I need to create some high quality articles to publish it on guest blogs. I know maybe this method will work but remember my English isn’t good and I don’t exactly know information about my niche.

3. Lazy

This is my best reason 😀

But finally I realize I must use outsourcing power to avoid all these reasons. With outsource my work, I can spend my time to do something else. All business owner certainly outsource their jobs to the professional, right?

Yeah I will outsource my task to other but not this time.

I’ve got new automatically method to create tiered backlink. It requires to setting it at the first time, but it doesn’t matter since this method is FREE.

Wait for my next journal about this FREE backlink method.