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Hey I’m back….!!! 🙂

This is the last article section for Step 1 so I think this post is the core of my money blog. If this is wrong then the result must be disappointing.

Maybe you ever heard, content is the king, right?

If we play with search engine to get the visitor, the content must be unique and readable. Since English is not my primary language, I must work hard to create the article. I remember when I first got 200 visitors / day, I only used Google Translate to created the article. Quite embarrassing huh?

But hey, I got 200 visitors. 🙂 with bounce rate 100% 😦

After Google hit my blog, my Google Adsense account had been banned. I’m very sad because with that account, I can reached 2.5$/day.

Shortly, I joined to private course class to get money online from Amazon affiliate. I used Easy WP SEO to create optimized SEO article and all those articles was unique. I used blog network to get higher ranking and at that time my blog had gotten good results. I’d spent about 100$ to create around 50 articles.

Unfortunately I failed to make money online with Amazon affiliate.

When I was thinking about that, I remembered Google told us about high quality content. There are 23 questions to determine a website is the high quality site. You can check it at Google Webmaster Central.

From that list, it’s very hard to build the high quality site especially if you don’t know or not familiar with the topic of your money blog. Sound similar?

If a person ask me what is your passion? What is your hobby?

I will tell them, I don’t know what exactly what I am passion about and even I know it, sometimes it’s hard to monetize it.

I know it just an excuse….!!!!

But it’s true…

Do you feel same with I am feeling?

OK… Let’s back to topic…. 🙂

I didn’t remember when I read a post from Social Triggers about the content, but I got one enlightenment. You must create the post and make sure the visitor can learn and DO something after they have read that article. People like freebie stuff right? and if that stuff works for them, they will happy and may be they will share it to their friends or comment it.

Google wants finish the end of search and hope searcher can find the answer. But sometimes it takes a time to find it. So could I help Google to give the answer that people want?

Check naldzgraphics or copyblogger.com for the example.

They was collected the great free stuffs or tutorials and wrote all of them into one page.

Yeah… I will write with the same method like two sites above. Even I don’t know the deep topic about my niche but I can help them to find the answer by collect some resources into one single source.

I use general rules to find the topic:

5W + 1H

1. What

2. When

3. Where

4. Who

5. Why

6. How

The next problem is…

Need consistency to make it… Why? Read this post from Quick Sprout about the consistency. I learn that I can got 200 visitors/day because I’m consistent create 3 articles/day.

So can I make it and consistent publish the article for my niche blog?