At the second post, I will write about the detail what I have done to complete the step 1. (btw thanks for who was like my previous post ;))

1. Create FB Fanpage.

Back into 2011, I idly to created the Fan Page for my blog and this fan page got some likes from user on facebook without use fb ads.

Since my blog visitors were 6,000 visitors / month, maybe you think I got this like from my blog, right? 

The answer is “NO”….!!

The funny thing about my blog with 60 posts is the bounce rate value was very high. As we know the smaller value is better because this sign told us my reader enjoy with my article. But the fact is my bounce rate often reaching 100%.

In other word, they didn’t like my posts and I never change to get the liker from this blog. 😦

Back into fan page, so what I did to got fan page liker automatically?

The answer is the photo cover…!!!

Yes, you must use the photo cover that attract the attention from your readers.

Use their emotion to get their attention. Very simple.

Here is step by step that I use to choose the fan page cover:

  1. Use istockphoto, flickr, or use google to find my right cover for fan page.
  2. Change the size to 855 x 320.
  3. Upload the cover into fanpage and before save the photo, I use my feeling, is this cool? Is this beautiful? Is this right?

If you feel this photo is awesome, then use it…! Because if you have “not like” emotion about the photo, your visitor will feel the same emotion as you feel.

This is make sense, right? Click here to see the example and click here to download the template (credit to hongkiat.com).

For fan page profile, usually I used photo with logo (81 x 81) and create it like the example above. For me, logo is very important. It doesn’t matter if you use public logo / free logo as long as that logo describe your topic. Click here to find the free logo.

OK…. next time I talk about setting the WP blog for my niche. See you on the next post. 🙂

Is there that I miss? or do you have any suggestions to improve FB Fan Page? Let me know what are you thinking now about it. I’ll read every comment. 🙂

Thanks for read this article…!